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How can I make original art tiles that can go on a bathroom wall? Answered

I've seen what was done as decoupage but this wouldn't work in a bathroom. Is there a way to transfer art to a ceramic tile that would be indellible to steam etc?


Buy plain white tiles and cover them with magazine cut-outs. Give them a pattern or colour code them if you wish. Then use a topper glue to make the whole thing waterproof.

I've seen "tile paint" in hardware stores, intended for painting over tile-work when you get bored with the colour. You could try painting images with that. If you can't find a club (as per Re-Design's suggestion), you could approach a high-school art department, as they often have working kilns, and staff willing to experiment (though you may have to wait for several weeks or months before the kiln goes on, as they take a long time to heat up and cool down, so they are often only switched on when they are "doing" ceramics).

The high-school is a great idea. You might try the local community college. That's where I took a pottery class just to get a chance at their kiln.

You could get plain colored tiles apply the artwork and then sprat with clear acrylic. The art has to be stuck on very well or the acrylic will pull it off. It has to be acrylic proof since the spray is wet. That might work in a bath room. But to be really permanent the art work needs to be covered with a clear glaze and then fired in a kiln. You might be able to find a local club or pottery store that gives lessons and you can use their kiln. Good luck.