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How can I make the new LED Snowfall lights at home? Answered

 Can i make these at home and make them to run off battery power? This is the first year ive seen these but at the retail price id rather make them. I can solder and have made a led scanner with a 555 chip, but thats about the limit of my expertise on this subject. any information that can get me in the right direction would help. links to any schematics would be great.


here is the vid


I'd think you need microcontrollers because if you look closely, one of the reasons they look so neat is that pattern seems random. Sometimes the tube lights quickly, and sometimes slowly. It is not rhythmic, but rather seemingly random.

I've been watching these LED Snowfall Lights though and the price is finally starting to come down. You can get the big ones here: http://dreamdroplights.com.

For the price to build, you could probably just buy.

But if you do build some, please post! :)

 any way to do it with simple parts and not microcontrollers

They look more like meteors to me.  But I still like the effect.

Looks like each tube has a little microcontroller in it.

Making your own, for under 80 dollars of parts is VERY unlikely.

Where's the video ?