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How can I measure pressures/strain up to 5000kgf? Answered

I desire a device to measure a weight up to 5000kg. I don't know if this is termed a strain gauge or a pressure plate. my requirement is that the pressure plate itself be at least as small as a washer for a 10mm bolt. I need the device to record the maximum force, as the force is variable over time.



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A strain gage is a shaped piece of metal foil that can be bonded to an object. Bending or twisting the object changes the resistance of the gage. A load cell has one or more strain gages bonded to it, and is used to measure force. The load cell is more convenient, not terribly expensive from eBay. If you're dead set on making your own load cell from strain gages you can check out http://www.nakka-rocketry.net/articles/Gages.PDF.


Prfesser has it nailed - you dont sense the force itself, you sense the bend (strain) in a very very strong object. This is how they weigh things like semi-tractor-trailers etc.

Thanks frollard for the comment and example. Very kind of you to take the time.

You're welcome! Thank YOU for in fact being one of the most polite users I've ever encountered on here! If you found the answer suitable, please don't forget to mark as 'best answer' (prfessers that is)

Thanks Prfesser for the comprehensive information and link. I have a much better understanding of the challenge now. I've checked eBay, and what I've seen doesn't fit my application unfortunately. Have you made a load cell or do you know anyone who has/might make one for me? Thanks again, Phil.