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How can I melt a lot of snow quickly? Answered

At work, I've got a mound of snow piled up about eight feet high and it's right over a staff member's parking spot.  The sun is helping to melt it and I began to shovel a little bit out each day, but I was wondering if there were any other handy tricks to melt it quickly.

I can't use fire and I don't have enough salt.

Any ideas?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If the temp is above freezing, spray it with water from a water hose.  As long as it can drain off before freezing it won't cause a problem and will melt the snow.

how get rid snow come down


2 years ago

I watched neighbors kids wash away tons of snow using a garden hose. They really enjoyed it.

One winter I was really tired of the snow. We had mounds of it laying around and I wanted to get rid of it. So I made a bottle of dark-colored food coloring. I put green and red together making brown. I mixed it up and put it in a spray bottle and applied it to the snow I was trying to get rid of. The dark color absorbed the sunlight and melted the snow away. You could use RIT dye and do the same thing only on a larger scale.


6 years ago

it depends, anyways salt doesn't work that well .... if you have just enough sun you can spred it , put ash over it(because its a dark color) and cover it with a big transparent plastic foil..
the second solution is to drill a hole in a metal barrel almost at the top and make a fire underneath it then just put snow until the water melted starts to run over the hole at the top its smart to hook a hose to the hole to make the water drain away from the fire..

i think i will make a inscrutable with the last one because i will make it tomorrow

Flamethrower :)

Most definitely :)

Yeah...........and then the Bazooka for the high drifts :)


8 years ago

What's your budget?  Hire a snow removal contractor to haul it away.


8 years ago

Hair dryer, with a really long extension cord?

spreading it out like you're doing helps a lot.  Maybe you can have car exhaust blow on it?  maybe wire up a stove element some how and just leave it ontop?