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How can I modify a shallow well pump handle into a usable bathroom faucet? Answered

I have a shallow well pump handle that I would like to modify to make usable as a bathroom faucet. Wanted something primitive but not sure how to make it to work so that the handle will turn the water off and on..... Will probably only use cold water to feed but not sure what kinda adjustment I can make to have a shut off valve....



6 years ago

Unless you are pumping the water from a well there is already water pressure in your pipes and you really only need a shut-off valve not a whole new pump.

If you aren't using it where there is already water piped in you theoretically could hook up the pump and either just have a switch to shut off the pump (is it electric?) or a shut-off valve (this might be problematic if your pump was just pumping with nowhere for the water to go).

Do you have a photo you can upload?