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How can I password protect my USB stick? Answered

I have a Kingston 2 GB USB memory stick.  I have tried to see if I can password protect the stick in case I lose it.  So far I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.  Is it possible?



On WIn 7, Win 8, Vista Enterprise or Ultimate operating systems, there's a function in control panel called BitLocker, you can use it to password protect your USB stick without any software. If you are using other OSes, the 3rd party software will help you, such as USB security(


)and TrueCrypt.

There are several options. Kingston has its own software to lock a usb stick with a password. I would personally recommend truecrypt. It can be installed, or run portable, and can encrypt your stuff in a hundred different ways. Afaik it's not yet been broken by hackers (*in the highest encryption mode) -- and is free and open source.  There are several modes like having tc installed on the computer and using that to mount the invisible data on the drive (so if someone finds it they have no idea your stuff is even on there, an extra level of security) -- or you can have all the files appear normally and running them requires a password, etc.


from what i know it is not possible. i have a 2gb usb stick that has a pass protected zone and non pass protected section you decide how big each one is. its a good flash drive