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How can I play my PS1 through my laptop screen? Answered

I want to use my laptop screen to play my PS1 rather than a T.V. for convenience. I hang out and play games with friends and would rather not lug a T.V around.



Just connect the TV out of your PS1 with the Video IN on your laptop.
Audio can go from the headphone output to the Audio In on the laptop.
All that is left is to use a program to access the video and audio, like webcam software.
But for some reason I simply doubt you have the right connections.

Good idea. Just almost no laptop has a video in port. I have seen some desktop PCs with a video in (on a additional card) for video recording, but never a laptop.

So I'd guess, the OP's doesn't have one either.

Forgot to mention, in the absense of the right connections on the laptop you buy a USB video grabber - A "USB stick with RCA inputs HDMI would only be feasable through a USB3 connection and the sticks for this are expensive.