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How can I power something that is ment to be plugged into a wall (12v dc) to something i can power through usb? Answered

Livid Instruments produces the OHM which is a great device,but for increased mobiliity I would like to have it be usb power if that is at all possible. Their new model is usb powered but it's not up for pre-sales yet and i have a feeling it will be a bit more then their current model on sale for $699.

here is the link to the OHM


As 11010010110 says - the port can only out out 500mA 5v (2.5 watts, per port)

I'm guessing the OHM uses more power than 2.5 watts, so it would probably need more than one port hooked up in parallel (voltage only, no data connection) So 2 ports can make 5 watts.

a dc-dc boost converter could convert the amps to extra volts for you - trouble is you only get 5 watts from 2 ports - so 5w/12v = 0.42A 420mA *90% efficient = .375A = 375mA I'd be surprised if this thing runs at 375 mA, but it's possible, just lots of processing, and leds could cause problems.

Perhaps get a rechargeable battery for it...Not exactly convenient.

- I do believe midi operates at 12 volts (someone correct me) - so I assume it 'needs' the 12 input.

well i don't have any information to which to assist you 11010010110 or GuardianFox . I guess i will just settle with plugging it into the wall. They do have their MIDIY coming out soon,and i'll assume such options of usb powered will be likely to exist with the boards. thanks a lot for the effort!

My guess is the short answer is no: if you need 12 volts and usb gives you 5 volts, i guess you're missing 7 volts. Maybe use a second usb port in parallel? that would still only give you 10 volts though.

usb gives 5 V at 500 mA (up to 1 A sometimes) and not 12 it is possible that the ohm uses 5 V inside. if you open it give some snapshots of the area of the circuit after the power input. if all of it goes thru a 7805 chip you have good cause to hope

We'll need a bit more information. It requires 12v, but at what amperage? Can you give any information on wattages? How is the power supply configured? Is it a wall-wart, or is it an ordinary 2 prong plug with the power supply being inside the gadget? Pictures, and data please!