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How can I prepare my new room the way I want it to be? Answered

Well, seeing I am a growing young man, I have come to hate my brother. I dislike everything about him and I want to move out of our room.

I have already moved my Xbox 360, bought a new $900 dollar computer, a 32" 1080p HD LED/LCD TV, a glass table/desk, and have moved alot of this "equipment" downstairs in my garage. Note: I still sleep in our room upstairs.

Now I have basically been spending a majority of my time in my garage and have noticed a couple of flaws of this "moving in." I do homework in my garage, I edit videos in my garage, play Xbox 360, go on the computer, anything that basically doesn't involve sleeping,

These flaws I have noticed in my garage will be listed now:

Barely any Air Conditioning (I have a fan, but it sometimes throws dust everywhere)

A lot of dust falls everywhere, on my glass table, Xbox 360, TV, Lamp, everywhere.

I have mediocre internet speed, about 4 Mbps average download speed,  and 3.50 Mbps average upload speed, when I should be getting around 15 Mbps with Comcast (Maybe this has to do with my wireless connections or my Wifi strength, located upstairs with my brother)

There is wall mold on some places of the walls (which can actually be a health issue)

There are little bugs that are on the walls, along with spiders (Which kind of creep me out)

And last is that I have a whole bunch of stuff in here that my mom wants to giveaway to poor, needing children in South America, but she never get to doing it. It is really cramped in my garage with all this stuff.

Please keep in mind that I want to have my bed in here, and have my separate room in here...

So what I need help with, or what I need assistance with, is having a good way to approach this problem in a neat, healthy, way. I want to live comfortably in my room, without the constant precipitation of dust, the idea that a spider will crawl into my mouth, that my walls are beautifully painted, and I have space to move around. Also when I go to use the internet that I have reasonably fast Internet Speed, and when I play Xbox 360, I don't lag, like I usually do.

My Internet is setup like this, just if you were wondering:
Comcast Surfboard Modem - Connected to the Internet
Wireless Comcast Netgear Router - Connected to my Modem
My brothers Xbox 360 - Wired directly to the router
My Xbox 360 & Computer - Get Internet access through Wifi from the Router
Wireless Comcast Netgear Router - Gives Wifi to everyone in my house also that sometimes may be using it

I wan't to see how I can get faster Internet speed, probably connecting two wireless routers, which I think is impossible, or seeing if I can run a cable down from my Wireless Router straight to my Xbox or something.

I wan't to have a list of procedures on how I can go about to do this and fix this room up to my liking.

Well for those of you that actually finished reading this, thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated. And also I will attach a picture of my garage so that you can have a better picture of what I am dealing with.

Thanks again



Well if your asking how to set things up and where to put what read this paragraph!

When I move stuff around my room, I usually don't like it so i move it somewhere else and wastes time. I Measure the dimensions of everything (Bed, stand, desk...) except for height because that doesn't matter. write it down. I then divide the numbers by 12 or 15. Then you have a smaller version of your room on paper, model. (if your bed is 41 inches by 78 inches, divide 41 by twelve, or what ever number, to get 3.4 inches. do same with the 78 part. then cut out everything and make sure you label these things.) then measure the dimensions of your room. (ex. 138 inches by 130 in.) divide by twelve, or what ever number, 11.5 by 10.8 inches.) draw your smaller room on the paper with dimensions. on separate paper, draw the other stuff (desk- stand) cut them out. slide them around the model of the room. draw and label the doors and plugs. (hopefully you understand this. I don't want to write a novel explaining this. :D good luck. if you have questions about what i just said, ask!

First things first. You need to clean yourself a area for you to bring you bed into. The stuff your mom is giving away should be loaded up in the trunk of the car and taken to goodwill and will be a good start. Check with her if thats ok first in case she needs to log it all for tax purposes, then get it out.

Next clean the entire place. Walls, ceiling, floors, door frames, every nook and cranny. This will help with the bugs and spiders and get rid of the mold issue. You could take a airfilter and place it on the back of your fan to catch any dust that gets stirred up in the air. Its easy to replace it after its full of crap. Make sure the back of the fridge is cleaned and the dryer vent is sealed to limit adding more "ghost turds" to the air.

As for your internet. To run wires is a option but depending on how you do it could be more work and messy compaired to makeing a wifi ant. booster. Of which there are many ibles that cover that subject. Do a search.

It looks as if there is "stuff" that your mom has out there that may not be going to donations. Find a "home" for this stuff or you will be constantly adding to it. You need to keep your room clutter free or it will soon become the "dumping ground" again. Good luck

Yup, clear out and clean.... BUT the only way to stop the mold issue is to stop the source of moisture on or in the walls. Look for why the mold is where it is. That should help you figure out where it's getting its water. Mold will keep coming back as long as it has a source of moisture. It could be leaks from outside or inside. It could be condensation in or on the wall. It could be wet stuff repeatedly stored against the wall. It could be moisture wicking up through the foundation.
I hope you find a source that's simple to eliminate.

Thanks Redneck, I really appreciate the help. I'll probably show this to my mom, and tell her, to get everything out of here, as that is a good start as you said.

But, honestly, I really appreciate the help. :D



This is only a suggestion, but things may go better if you either offer to clear all the stuff out yourself or at least offer to help.!

Yeah, I'll probably invite some of my friends to help out with cleaning everything out and what not. But anyways, thanks again, I really appreciate it!


If you have the skill or budget this is a great look for small spaces. http://www.modresdes.com/search/japanese+sliding+walls+small+apartment

Thanks o you too. I will look more into these links and see what I can do. And just so you know, I am 16 going to 17 this year. And I do in fact remember reading about this designer that came up with the idea, of fitting nice, luxurious, furniture, and what not into cramped, or small spaces.