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How can I produce a workable miniature lamp, based on Arne Jacobsen Wall Lamp scale 1:16 - without using 230/12 V. Answered

We, Minimii.com, are producing a miniature lamp based on Arne Jacobsen design AJ 50 Wall Lamp scale 1:16 - damn small. It should be able to give light....without using 230/12 V. The lamp klings to the wall in our 1:16 Arne Jacobsen miniature House with a strong neodym magnet. The house wall has built-in layers of thin iron sheets select places. The 1:16 AJ lamp size is only 1,2 cm and the width is 1,0 cm. Should be suitable for production of 100-200 pcs at a time.? Is LED lighting the way ahead here. We have all rights to produce from arne Jacobsen Design I/S. 

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steveastrouk (author)2010-08-30

Weeeeeeellll, if I assume you want no wires, and you want to be REALLY clever you could use LEDs powered inductively, either from the wall plate or around the whole house....

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