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How can I punch holes in a coke can? Answered

I want to punch holes into a coke can - 1 hole each alphabet. I do not have any power tools and I want the holes in a manner so that the can is not crushed. Any suggestions?


Could you explain what you mean by "1 hole each alphabet"? That doesn't seem to have translated successfully.

By one hole per alphabet I meant that I want one hole for C, one for O, one for K and one for e (Coke). The holes should be big enough for a usb cable to pass through. Thanks for taking out time to reply and your interest.

Ah, "per letter". (An alphabet is a complete set of letters.)

The only idea I've got for producing a reasonably smooth hole, without supporting the metal from the back, would be to start by punching or drilling a small centering hole and then use a dremel or other grinder to gradually enlarge it.

Given how thin the metal of aluminum cans is, I would strongly recommend that you make the hole large enough to put a rubber grommet into, to help keep that edge from cutting into your cable.

It would also be helpful if you said what size you want the holes to be.

One approach would be to fill the can with something to help keep it from getting crushed while puching holes into the metal. You could try filling with sand. If that is not firm enough to prevent damage, then you could fill it with water and freeze it. If it is an empty can that has been opened, the can will likely not split open from the ice.

I assume that you need circular holes. You do not specify the size of the holes, but if they are small you could punch them using a nail. If you need fairly large holes, you could carefully cut them using an X-acto hobby knife.

I actually tried your idea of filling the can and freezing it but the can swells at the base. I need the holes to be big enough to pass a usb cable through. It's been ages since I got interested into the project and then scrapped it altogether but now I am thinking about it once again. I would also like to thank you for taking time out to reply. Thank you.

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7 years ago

If the size of the hole isn't important, a paper punch will make nice smooth holes in the aluminum cans.

A larger sized needle will puncture a coke can quite easily without crushing the material surrounding the desired hole(s).

To make the needle more "manageable", wrap the "eye" end with several wraps of electrical or masking tape, or alternatively, hold it using a pair of piers or such.