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How can I recycle the water from my pool cover? Answered

Spring is coming soon (i hope) and I want to know what to do with the water from my pool cover, other than just draining it into the street. Can I save it somehow to water the garden in the summer? Can I filter it an put it back in the pool? It's just so much water, I don't want to waste it.


Pool Guy

Best Answer 9 years ago

Put that water right back in the pool. Since the cover pump won't filter the water, you may have some fine debris get in the pool, but thats OK. Just vacuum any dirt. The water may even be a little cloudy, but, as it mixes with the pool water, and filtration and chlorination begins, You'll be fine. We have been doing it this year for years.

Sure. Water is water. It will help if you could get as many leaves off of the cover before you pump it. That way the water will be as clean as possible. Cheers Pool Guy

If it is hard for you to pump it out as suggested, just leave it. One way to make a better filtering when you start the new season is to use reverse osmosis. You recycle 90% of the water and just add 10%. The water is filtered so pure that it is drinkable. It removes most chemicals and minerals, so you can start afresh. In SouthWest California you can check www.recycleyourpoolwater.com

Pool Guy is right, when you closed your pool you had to pump it down a bit. When you open your pool , even if some debris get in the pool you'll have to vacuum it any way so you will get them out. Our company does the same thing when we open pools.

You could pump it into a barrel to store for later use. Get hold of one of the solar fountains, and mod it to take the water from your pool cover to your barrel. OK, it won't be quick, but over the course of days or weeks, it will do the job, and you can then leave it in place to use every time your cover is on.

I think you can water the plants with it maybe the grass too. If you have a place to put it in like in some 55 gal drums then you can use it later on to water the plants again.You can also add some to a bird bath too .Just filter it so the bird won't complain..lol If you like to try a new project . Maybe filter it and recycle for flushing the toilet maybe? =) Adding it to the pool might cost more since you will have to add chemicals to keep the pool clean unless you really need to add water anyways..