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How can I remind myself to sit up straight? Answered

Ughhhh...help...uhhh..(this must sound pretty desperate:P)......I'm kinda tall, lanky, gangling, etc. and sometimes hunch over and slump.  I'm trying to learn to stand more erect, but my shoulders seem to want to do otherwise.  I know a strong core is important in this.  Please,  if you have any ideas, do pass them along to your rangy comrade.  Thanks so much. ;) 


Totally agree about the Yoga & Pilates. My wife attends both and is ALWAYS telling me to stand straight.

A tec solution could be a tilt worn on the shoulder attach to a suitable sounder and battery so when you lean it sounds off.

Biggest problem is round shoulders so practice standing tall with shoulders back learn to like being taller than most people - They will look up to you for it.

i am 6 foot 3. and enjoy it.

Thanks, that's a cool idea! It's just sometimes hard to remember to keep my shoulders back when I'm in the company of...uhh....errrhh....shorter people...heh... :P =^..^=

write a note on tour arm

Thanks, I like that! Now, if I could only find room to write on my arm......XD....=^..^=

send a get well message to sistergldnhair even though u dont now her she just went through a really tuff surguery PLEEZ

This helped me remember my phone number!

Get some friends to keep reminding you every time they see you.

Thanks! Though, I would avoid those people like the plague!....*laughs* =^..^=

Weird fact: its better for your body if your in a relaxed position.

Huh....a relaxed position for me is flat on the floor...XD =^..^=

Wait...if you have a strong enough core/back, a relaxed position would be standing erect, not slouched over. When you slump over, you're creating many micro fractures in your back, so how could that be good for you? Where did you hear that? =^..^=

This might sound strange, but get a short length of clothing elastic and sew to both ends some velcro and attach this to the vertical straps on your bra, making it like a "racer back style". The added tension at your shoulder blades will naturally pull your shoulders back and it might remind you to keep your posture, because it'll be a lot harder to slouch.

@author the 'strong core' is really important -- start yoga or pilates and that'll really get you kickstarted in the mindset.

Yes. :)

It's also equally important to stretch and get the tension out of the shoulders and neck area, especially if you sit in front of a computer for long periods of time. For many people, it can be the primary reason for slouching and poor posture.

Something you can do at home early morning and in the evening is the plank exercise which will work wonders for your core strength.  Start off with the simple version and once you can do it for 2 minutes straight, move on to the leg-lift and arm-lift variations.  Also add the side plank.
This will develop all the right muscles and you can really feel the tension pulling your stomach in and your shoulders straight after a session. 
If you read in bed, lie on your back and hold the book in front of your face, then bend at the waist to an angle of 30 degrees or so and hold for as long as you can. It's a sort of partial sit-up.  You can even carry on reading.  It sounds daft, I know, but every bit of exercise helps.

Thanks! I have done the 'plank' for my sports training and boy, does it work the bellyXD! I will try the lying in bed thing,...but........I might fall asleep...XD...just joking! =^..^=