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How can I remove a small stripped screw from an electronics board? Answered

I stripped the screw while trying to fix my Creative Zen Micro MP3 player, using this tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/Zen-Micro-Headphone-Jack-Fix/
It happened on step 7, because I wasn't using the correct screwdiver. I used the Philips #0 but I should have used the #00, which is slightly smaller.
Anyway, I'd be glad if someone could help me remove the screw, it's the only thing preventing me from fixing my MP3 player.

Thank you.


Two ideas: 1) Buy a very small regular drill bit and drill the head off the screw. Once only the shaft of the screw remains pull the player apart and grab the remaining piece of the screw with pliers. 2) Buy a very small Reverse threaded drill bit. Run your drill in reverse, if you are lucky it will bite and unscrew the stripped screw. (If not its the same result as #1)

I know almost nothing about tools. Where do you think I could get a drill bit small enough to do this? And what's the difference between a regular drill bit and a reverse threaded one? Sorry, I'm Portuguese and the names are completely different. Thank you very much for the help again.

Reverse threaded bits are like regular bits, but they drill the other way, so instead of clockwise, they go counter-clockwise. You could potentially just drill the screw right out and it might still work.

Or if you can grab the screw head with needlenose vice grips (or pliers if you have strong hands) you can just unscrew it.

if yo are VERY dextrous you can try cutting a slot on top of it with a dremel or a small bit of a hacksaw blade. then unscrew it with a flathead. thats how i busat open old harddrives when i dont have torx screws....

You could get needle nose pliers as said by Swishercutter, or cutting pliers. Grab the screw and unscrew it that way. I always do that, works like a charm. LUCKY CHARMZ