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How can I remove the Blaster worm from a laptop that boots but doesn't make it 5 seconds past login before it crashes? Answered

 Can I hook up the hard drive to my Mac and browse the files to delete the infected ones? I know I can hook it up, but are there certain files to be wiped or is the hard drive cooked?


use a hand held module comp and hook it to your compter to blast that sucker out cause its a hand held lose cannon computer that dosnt play by the rules yeah!!!! ^_^

I  had this problem on a pc running xp media center edition. The registries could be fried - either way, i put an extra hard drive in, reinstalled windows on it, and I can browse the dead one fine, just not boot from it. Backup all of your files on another hard drive (The ones you wanna keep anyway), wipe the infected drive, reinstall your OS and put your files back on. May not be the best fix but I know that it works...

Essentially you can install a linux anti virus program
with a live cd and scan partitions for a virus.

hook the hard drive thru a USB conveter to a normal, functioning computer, then scan the hard drive with the good computer