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How can I remove water scaling from a fish tank? Answered

I currently work at a pet-shop, where we're turning over inventory. And guess who gets to inherit the 25 gallon, high-style tank that's been on display for 6 years and was so scummy the manager took one look at it drained and said, 'no way, you've got a new apartment, you take it home'? That's right, me. So now I've got a tank, and I've gotten everything in it cleaned out except for this top edge of what I assume is water scaling. I've been trying to clean it for over two weeks, and gotten desperate enough to even try vim and kitchen cleaner, and it just won't come off. Please, help?


I always use a utility razor blade, and it does the charm. Just dont press too hard though as you might break the razor blade, lol I did that once

I moisten the toilet tissues with vinegar and leave it on the scaling that needs to be cleaned for about 10 min later just wipe of the scales which have dissolved...

vinegar works really well, I sometimes use acredit card to scrape it of after 5 minutes and it gets around 90% off at least


8 years ago

I have a couple of tanks with the same problem. Something I've been wanting to try is using either soda or salt as an abrasive (I think I'd use the non iodized kind of salt.). You'd want the tank to be bare before trying either and you would need to rinse the tank well after. If the tank is made of lucite or some other plastic I would definitely not use a razor blade and I'd be careful using something like salt.

Whenever I get a new tank, I use a razor blade and warm water. If there is a large buildup ( which I assume there is), then I would recommend to use vinegar followed by a razor blade. I would also like to point out that you should never use any kind of chemicals in the tank, as there will almost always be residue left behind. Just be sure that whatever method you use, you thoroughly rinse out the tank with clean water. Good Luck

Here in canada you can get a product called CLR - not sure if its available in the states. It removes 'calcium lime rust' - and it does it awesome. Look for 'humidifier cleaner' at the hardware store. It's relatively safe. Wear gloves. Rinse really well multiple times with clean water - tada, clean!

Kitchen cleaners are usually alkaline. How about trying an acid soak instead, like lemon juice or vinegar? If this works, but isn't fast enough, you might get some muriatic acid (HCl) from a hardware store, or citric acid from a brewing or health food store.

. Yep. Some type of acid will probably do the job. Vinegar (acetic acid) should work and is relatively safe. Search for "hard water deposit removal".

Try using a rasor (?) blade, the household kind, you can usually find them at Lowes for about a dollar in the painting isle, I personally use this on my fish tank everyday, and it keeps the glass clean!

Correction-razor man I cant spell tonight