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How can I repair vinyl "wood grain" that came off when adhesive tape was applied to the surface of a desk? Answered

I have a Bush particle board desk I would like to repair. Recently, my wife placed some adhesive tape on the surface of her desk. Upon pulling the tape off, some of the "wood grain" was lifted off of the vinyl covering. I do not want to replace the vinyl, only touch up the areas that were damaged by the tape.


If the damage is very large then I doubt that you can repair it well enough to satisfy your wife.  I have some tables covered the same way as these at the office and packing tape will and has lifted the edges of the surface.

If your repair doesn't do the job then you can find self sticking vinyl at the craft store or maybe a store like Home Depot or old fashioned hardware store. 

Then just recover the whole surface.  I would cut a piece to fit into the damaged section before covering so that the damage didn't "telegraph" thru the new surface.


8 years ago

Unless you are able to find a place that has an exact match to vinyl that was used on your desk, about the best you can do is to try and blend the damaged areas in with the rest of the surface. Try to find some colored felt tip markers, one in a color that closely matches the base color and a second that compares to the "grain" color. Fill in the damaged areas trying to match the pattern, let dry and then seal with a lacquer or urethane sealant.