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How can I run a AA-using water fountain on another kind of battery? Answered

A friend of mine has a desktop fountain that her birds adore, but it's a HUGE battery suck! It runs theough a pair of AAs in an afternoon. How can I rig it up to run off a more robust kind of battery or power source?



9 years ago

If the fountain uses batteries, then the power supply is DC (direct current). If your friend or you are anything like me, then you've gone through a bunch of cell phones and the like. It is possible to use the charger of an old unused cell phone to transform the 120 volt alternating current from the wall socket to whatever smaller range of direct current voltage that you want. In this case, if the fountain is run off of two AA batteries, which are 1.5 volts apeice, then you are looking for a 3-5 volt transformer. On the label of the cell phone charger, ( with the fat plug) it should say input which will be 120 VAC, and it should also say output with a number following it. You are looking for one with no more than five volts of electricity, but no less than 2.5 volts. Once you find one, use a pair of scissors, and cut off the charger end. Then it should be a fairly simple matter to pull the two wires appart in the cord. Once they are split, use the scisors to gently (emphasis on gently) cut all the way around and pull the plastic off of the copper wire underneath. (called stripping the wire incidentally) Next connect one of the wires to the a negative terminal in the battery pack (it should say in the battery terminal indicated with a "-" sign) and then connect the other wire to the positive (+) terminal and plug it in. if this doesn't work, don't panic, just switch the wires diagonally (e.g. wire 1 from the - to the + terminal wire 2 from the - to the + terminal.) and try again. If this works, then find a way to make the connection more permanent. You could use solder, but unless you have some experience (sorry if you do) then I would recomend going to Radio Shack to pick up some aligator clips, and then use those to connect to the terminals. The rest of the job is just to make it fit, but you have now successfully turned a battery operated device into a plug in appliance. hope this helps

You could get a AC/DC Wall Wart that is 3vdc and connect to the battery terminals.