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How can I safely connect a solar panel directly to a pond or fountain pump? Answered

I want to go totally solar with my pond/fountain pump (no batteries, no house current). How would I safely wire a solar panel to a pump? What do I need to know, such as how to determine a pump size that coordinates with the size of a solar panel, etc. How would I waterproof any wiring going from pump to panel? Can I use existing pump wire or do I need to take apart and rewire the pump? How can I safely disconnect or shut off pump when not in use? Any resources or links anyone knows of that would help me?


can i build a solar pump with a 5vdc solar cell?????

You need a dc pump, and pumps all require a certain amount of constant power to run. A solar panel will vary the energy causing your pump to run erratically and possibly not at all. Try wiring the panel to charge a battery and run the pump off the battery.

I'll keep your battery suggestion as a possibility. I already have a small store bought solar pump for a small pot fountain but want to build myself a larger one. The small pump works totally off the solar panel with no batteries and works fine as long as the sun is shining. I want to experiment with a larger sized one -- we'll see.

i'm thinking about doing the same idea, only with rain barrels and a bilge pump from a boat, and as you know boats use 12VDC like a car, so as long you have 12vdc solar panel and a charge regulator (i just bought one off of ebay) and a deep cycle battery and a timer. My electrical work will be inside a custom-built "box" i guess you could call it to keep it dry.

Sounds like a great project -- thanks for sharing your ideas.