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How can I stop my dogs from digging? Answered

Help me my dogs are destroying our yard. How can I stop my dogs from digging????


vince 09

Best Answer 8 years ago

 we had that problem too and the vet said that dogs dig because they smell something there, so he suggested putting the dogs poop in the hole and refill the hole. it worked for my dogs. or if they are outside dogs in the summer they dig to cool off because the dirt under ground is cooler then just laying on the grass  hope this helps

I wish I'd thought of that.  Sounds like a great idea to try.

 ya lol like i said it worked for me 

Ok im going to try the poop in the holes.  =D


8 years ago

Ditto NachoMahma.

Your dogs are bored (perhaps?).

There is a dog toy thing that you put food in the centre. The dog spends ages playing with it and slowly getting the food.

Give them a place where they're allowed to dig such as a sandbox.  You'll have to teach them where it's ok to dig and where it isn't.  I've seen this suggested on "It's Me or the Dog" and I read it in either For the Love of a Dog or The Loved Dog.  I'd recommend both books if you're interested in dog psychology.  For the Love of a Dog is a lot better than The Loved Dog.

put mittens on their paws or cover your backyard in steel plating

Give him a small area to dig in and reward him for digging there.  Punish him for digging any where else.  You may not be able to stop the digging.

I had a dalmation that once saw a cricket disappear down a crack in the ground hand the dalmation spent the next 4 years digging up a 2 acre back yard looking for that cricket.  He wore his claws to the nub.  His holes were tracker traps.  I had to get  landscape blade just to keep his holes filled.  I still cuss bandit every time I mow the back yard cause there are still remnants of his handiwork.

Good luck.

I'm guessing by "yard": you don't mean 5.25 acres of formerly prime farmland (with a freshly dug pond) just outside <insert large cityname> all penned inside a stout wrought iron fence to keep the riff raff out... Maybe take them to a park/dog-park routinely. Many dogs, especially larger varieties, have a natural need to run and when confined to a small area in which they cannot "open up" will attempt to free themselves. it's not that they want to run away, they just want to run! Worst case, try to take them for long walks. It's good for you too. Unlike more sedentary beasts like mankind, dogs in the wild spend much of their time on the move. If we're talking terriers, well, that's a bit tougher, since terriers were originally bred as ratters, for digging and penetrating burrows to rid their owners of burrowing animals like rats, weasels, etc.

.  Give them something better to do, eg, toys.