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How can I stop my glasses falling off my face when I bend forward, without looking like a geriatric librarian? Answered

My glasses are a little loose fitting and tend to fall off if I lean forward. Everyone keeps telling me to get one of those chains that attaches to the frame and let you hang the glasses around your neck. These are waaaay too uncool, what can I make instead?



6 years ago

I was short on rubber bands, so I tried twist ties... just wrap them around the bend in the arms and viola, instant slip grip.

Here is one of possible answer.............

If you haven't had this problem, you can't appreciate what a pain it is! I just googled this problem and found a product called Wedgee. To test the concept of the Wedgee product I wrapped rubber bands around the temple arms behind the ears and it works! It blows my mind to realize the solution to such a frustrating problem is so simple!

I feel your pain! I like the eye glass retainers they sell for fly-fishing- they are way cooler than ol' lady chains!

You should make clamps that attach to the end of each arm and latch onto your ears. If you have long enough hair no one will see them and they won't ever come off. If you pierce your ears (or have pierced ears) even better! You can hook them onto the piercings. That would be rad!

In fact, if you don't do it and post it here, I'm going to.

Glasses that fit right? Around here, most places that sell eyeglasses will adjust them, or, if you are careful, you can do it yourself.

Duct tape? Your glasses probably just aren't fitting right. If you visit the store where you got them, they can make adjustments to make sure they sit right on your nose and ears. A good fitting pair of glasses wont fall off unless you're completely upside down. Most eyeglasses stores will provide such adjustments for free. Repairs can usually be done at a minimal cost as well (and could be warrantied). If you are playing sports or doing some other physical activity, you can buy very nice neoprene neck straps for your glasses at Walmart, most eye care centres, drug stores, etc. Check in both the sporting goods sections and the eyewear sections. They will not look out of place if you are involved in some activity.