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How can I stop the soy milk in my coffee from separating? Answered

I dont think the fairy vomit is detrimental to said morning beverage, just unsightly



you could try using instant coffee... just toss it in warm soy milk. it worked for me before, i think. i guess if you don't have any you could try baking a cup of really strong coffee overnight to get a powder. we did something like that in chem, except with a chemical precipitate.

or maybe you could bake the soy milk? then add it to your coffee?

I've heard that Cow-nseling is sometimes effective ;-)

That fairy vomit is enough to remind me of why I never used soy milk......to draw on the eloquent term once used in the great wayback of the net during the heyday of the Usenet....it's just too squicky.

Shake it up really well and add the soy milk to the cup first, then the coffee. If that doesn't work. try heating the soy in the microwave before adding it to the coffee. Also, I've heard that Silk brand doesn't separate nearly as much as other kinds.