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How can I switch on a well water pump? Answered

I have this well water pump that is connected to a wall plug which gets switched ON and OFF by a float switch in the reservoir. What I want to do is to switch ON the pump from down where the pump is, when the float switch in the OFF position without going up to the reservoir ,


Then you want to do what Sean and I said. Add a switch across the float switch.


8 years ago

Thanks for your prompt replies. excuse my ignorance but please let me refresh my question. I want the float switch to keep doing it`s work by switching on/off the pump. I want to switch on the pump for when I need water in the yard where the pump is, so that water flows from a water tap that is connected with a tee just on top of the pump when the float switch is in the OFF position, Thanks again

The float should be a remote sense connection, ie, a low voltage trip for a relay, which does the actual "work" of switching on/off the pump motor. Simply bypass the sensor with a manual switch.

K1 relay LS1 float *Assumed 24V low voltage remote (pretty standard) Also assumed single phase or DC sump.

This circuit will keep the pump on, and ignore the float switch. I suspect though that your float switch might drive a box that goes click near the pump ??? That's a relay, to stop the float switch having to work hard with the pump current. If there is a relay, I'll draw another circuit.


Do you want a long-range remote switching, or can you work with long wires? L