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How can I track my car GPS position on home PC? Answered

Hi, I got GPS fitted in the car. Is there any way I can trace my car position on my computer screen at home?. For example, while I'm driving on the road, Is there any way my family members can see my car position moving in real time on Google maps. If yes what sort of hardware or softwares required. I would appreciate any pointer or help. Thanks in advance. Kevin



9 years ago

Try google.com/latitute i just installed it and it is awesome!

Any idea of new link as this doesn't work anymore.

Thank you

Thank you for answer :)

Now need to work out how to track a device or how to link a device so I can track it live :)

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Dear friends, if anyone need GPS tracking devices and have any question or query regarding GPS tracking system or software, feel free to contact me, i will give you guidance and support.



I don't believe so. Generally, the GPS companies don't hand out information like that to anyone without a court order, even if you are the owner of the GPS product. I could be wrong, and you may just have to ask the company what their legal status is on something like that. Technologically speaking, it wouldn't be very hard at all. Probably just use Google Earth or something to plot the points.

GPS itself will not transmit anything, it was designed to receive signals and figure out where you are without needing to tell anyone about yourself. Previous posts mention various commercial networks for transmitting the signal. For a free and open solution take a look at APRS.

so what kinds of things me w,ll required for install this system on my car please inform me in detail you exposed me everything in clear manners thanks??

If you register a free account at CorvusGPS.com you can follow many different GPS Trackers on Google Maps in real-time. Just buy a supported GPS Tracker from eBay (or others stores) or download the EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker app from Google Play and start tracking it in real time.

CorvusGPS Home: http://corvusgps.com/index.php
EverTrack GPS Tracker App: http://corvusgps.com/index.php?page=evertrack-mobile-gps-tracker-app

I hope it will help :)


There are a few options available - they all unfortunately cost money to operate and more-than-expected to build or buy.

It's unlikely your car model will have the capability of sending the coordinates to your house. What you need is a transponder, likely cel phone based, that will text your gps coordinates at regular intervals of time or distance to a server which will display for your home computer.

Some people opt to build their own
gsm transponder
These involve making a gps receiver talk to a cel phone of sorts, pushing the data and commands thru the connector to send a text with those coordinates. Its relatively simple and advanced at the same time.

Others want to buy a ready-made product:
http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/news.phtml/6332/7356/personal-gps-tracker-keeps-tabs.phtml (300 USD)
gps snitch 300 CAD$

I'm using Asset Telematics www.assetTL.com Web-based car tracking system for my vehicle tracking. It provides real time tracking and at the end of the day we can take reports too.
the GPS car tracking in India is very cheap.

look at a company by the name of ClearConnex at www.ClearConnex.com


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@ Kevin Hi Kevin, I'm rather glad I found you're question, I found myself wanting to track the family vehicles in case they were ever stolen. I believe this system will work for you as it allows me to see where they are with frequent updates and it can show a route they took. You can also set a (boundary) that will alert you as to when the vehicle leaves its designated approved area. Hope this helps you out as it has me

Consumer vehicle tracking This will allow you to track you're vehicle and alleviate some stress knowing that you can monitor the vehicle at any time during the day or night.

Visit "www.cctv4texas.com" They have live GPS tracking units that can be installed under your dash board or a covert Navigation & GPS in one that works like the TomTom Works but at a much cheaper monthly rate.. You can track your car every 5 or 10 SECONDS in real time with unlimited tracking access... Using Google earth and multiple map view.. They have a live demo that you can see if you are still looking..

yhst-81126207287951_2055_82182698.jpgProtective Live GPS.jpgGPSLogo2.jpggps front.jpgGPS Map.JPGGPSMap2.JPGyhst-81126207287951_2055_82329842.jpg3247_navtrac280.jpg

I sell gps tracking units for a living. There are a ton of products on the market that will help assist with this. My product is web based and will load into google earth for vehicle tracking. It is something that needs to be installed in the dash of the car but I have mine wired with a standard cig lighter adapter for demo purposes. Very cool product and I am thankful for getting hooked up with this company. Feel free to contact me if you want to know how to get one. (rtsold@hotmail.com)


9 years ago

Most of the time these units are only GPS receivers, not transmitters. You might look for GPS pet tracking units. These send signals back out and allow you to locate something. Some to my knowledge even allow you to plug that data back into your computer.