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How can I turn algae into some sort of a biofuel? Answered

I saw the instructable on the algae bio reactor. I then decided to use that as my Marine Biology final project but I also wanted to one up the instructable and put in my thesis that I would turn the algae into a bio fuel. How can I make this possible. Please help my grade depends on this.


I've been researching this too, for the same reason. There's a couple different ways, but the best (in my opinion) is an oil press, gets about 75% of the oil out and you can sell the algae to farmers afterward.

  • Dry and burn it.
  • Let it rot (anaerobically) and tap off the methane.
  • Ferment it, and distil out the alcohol.
  • Extract the oil and burn that.
  • Feed it to animals (in a similar way to "cattle cake") and let them do useful work (and, of course, you can use the animals' dung as a biomass energy resource).