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How can I unjam this? Answered

I just did something very idiotic--I jammed a piece of PVC piping onto  my drill. I have no idea how to get it off. I have already tried pulling and prying on it as much as I could, and I even grabbed the PVC and gunned the drill. How can I free my drill?


Cutting it off, or softening it with a torch, strike me as your best bets if it's too tight to come off with persistent pulling/wiggling or a hammer and punch.

I'm not going to ask. I am NOT going to ask.

I will.


I was trying to wind a tesla coil, and KENYAAAAAAAA!




You don't win the prize...

Hahahaha, funny because I did something similar. I wanted to widen out the inside diameter of a piece of brass tubing and tapped in metal rod. At first I couldn't get the rod out, I thought about it for awhile and then quite easily pulled it out.

Here's what you do:
1) Put the drill and PVC pipe in your fridge to get it nice and cold.
2) Get some boiling water and gently pour it over the PVC pipe closest to your drill.
3) Pull the PVC pipe off your drill

Here's why it works:
Items that are cold actually shink, as a material heats up it expands. When you put the drill and PVC pipe in the fridge they both get cold and shrink. When you pour the boiling water over the PVC pipe it expands and gets bigger. I've actually used this to free stuck bolts and get stubborn lids off of jars.

Hope its not jammed on too tight, you could also try spraying some WD40 into the jam before you try the heat/cold method.


8 years ago

Did you try reversing the spin of the drill and backing it out? Heh >>

That resulted in the PVC nearly killing me...

 just cut the pvc length wise then it will come of easy and you cant axidentaly cut your drill tip in half because its medal 

Well, which one worked?

Take the PVC and put a hole in it near the free end.  shove a dowel, metal rod, anything to grab hold of.  That will prevent it from turning and give you something decent to pull on.  Then take a dremmel with at cutter to the end attached to the drill and cut lines down the pipe.  Have someone hold the pipe and SLOWLY apply power to the drill and PULL.  This should work.  For the record, I would like to know what you were (or weren't) thinking.  I hope this helps.


Well...  All you need are the dremel heads and the ability to attach them to an electric dr-

Oh...  Never mind.

Yeah, no dremel could be a problem.  Try using a hacksaw like Burf suggested.  Also you try using a carpet knife and score the PVC repeatedly (watch out for the fingers and thumb, it HURTS).  Once you are almost through, try to snap it off.   Good Luck


What did you learn from this experiment?


8 years ago

Its not as bad as it seems, I've done worse. Imagine getting your T-shirt caught in the chuck and twisting it so tight you had to cut the shirt off.lol
Take a hacksaw blade and start scoring the PVC lengthwise from the point nearest the drill to about the distance of the chuck stuck in the pipe. Keep cutting with the hacksaw blade until you are completely through the plastic. Give it side to side pull and it should break free.

Burf says:
Its not as bad as it seems, I've done worse. Imagine getting your T-shirt caught in the chuck and twisting it so tight you had to cut the shirt off.lol

Ouch! That must have hurt!

Use a hot-air gun, or borrow a hairdryer(?) and heat the stuck end before trying a pull again.