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How can I use photos of a persons head taken around the circumference to then sculpture it out of clay automatically? Answered


If you created a 3-D image you could simply use a 3d printer to create the sculpture from plastic. then you could make a mold of it and use a lot of other materials to make it.

Thanks NobodyInParticular I will have a look at that. However I would still have to come up with a way of utilising that informatation to operate some type of tool to shape the clay?

This problem might be easier to solve if you gather actual 3D data. Would the Milk Scanner instructable work for your purpose?

Do you mean input the photos into some sort of software that is connected to a sculpting device that will then produce a head?

Hi, Yes, perhaps some simple type of CNC or even a tool I can make that follows the outline of the photos to cut the clay to the exact shape. Most sculpture is done just by eye or with a plastic sheet held up and the clay shaped to it as near as possible.! I'm hoping for something more accurate and quicker.