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How can I view all the hidden files on my computer? Answered

I ran virus scan and noticed a bunch of wierd files, mostly porn and XXX files. But when I went to the directory that they were supposedly listed under, they weren't there. I went into TOOLS and then FILE OPTIONS and selected VIEW HIDDEN FILES. But they still weren't there. Why can't I see the files so that I can manually delete them? I think there is a bunch of hidden stuff there that is slowing down my computer.


if you have Windows Xp, you can advance search by following the steps:- 1. Go to my Computer 2. Click Search (it maybe located under Tools 3. Select All Files and Folders (to find the problem) 4. Click More Advanced Options (make sure to select all) 5. Wait until the search result and then it may show somthing up If you have Vista:- 1. Go to my Computer 2. Type in the one you want to search in the Search Bar above in the corner and it will automatically advance search everything.. Hope This Helps..

If the virus software found them, they've been deleted or moved to quarantine. If folders are set to show hidden - then they'll show up.

Check for System files too. From the DOS/Windows command line, the "attrib" command may show files that don't show up in a normal directory listing. Viri and trojans and so on may do other strange things to hide themselves. Which is one reason a good antivirus is worth the money. Hope that helps.

Well, Spyware Doctor and AVG didn't stop them from getting on my computer, and didn't quarrantine them when they got there. Maybe Norton is the best.

"You may not get what you pay for, but you rarely get what you don't pay for." This is not an area where I would go with the cheapest tool.

maybe your computer is infected with a Rogue virus, probably Windows Defender 2009, because i have that type of virus too and it said some type of Porn messages. You can try to find hidden files by using the search tool which you advance search your computer and it may give some results... but if no results at all, then i guess your computer needs to be formatted. i already experience this event. and i really hate it Hope this helps

You may not be looking in the right place. Did you actually empty the trash bin? trash bins store enormous amounts of file info unless they've been purged.