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How can a 10 year old make lots of money over summer? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

You could try mowing yards, cleaning garages or cellars, maybe pulling weeds in flower beds, washing cars. You have to look like you'll do the work and do a good job.

And work your butt off lining up jobs. When you aren't working, your job is to figure out where the next job is coming from. Making lots of money takes lots of work. Always.

Have you asked your family (immediate or otherwise) if they'll pay you to do some work (such as Re suggests)?
You'll maybe get it easier and at a better hourly-rate there.


Thanks, I have asked but my parents are only paying me $5 to do yard work, dishes, take out the trash, feed the dog, clean my room and do the laundry for a whole week. Thanks again.

Any tips on increasing my pay?

Generally, good work pays off. If you do something well you can ask more next time.
It's a bit like being promoted in that if people can see you doing something of higher-value well they'll pay you to do that instead.