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How can a make a auto revolving mech for a 8 shot revolver type gun? Answered

8 shot revolver type gun as in the BR8 or knexsayer mech. please give explanation for a compact type gun as I'm trying to make a pistol like that.



just use the br8 mech or You can use the rotation from the trigger to turn the turret like I did on my old semi revolver

it uses a twisted rubber band to rotate the turret, also it has locked white rods that push back when the ammo is loaded, it uses a tan clip to keep the white rod in place.

But rotation from the trigger would require hours of tuning.

actually 5 minutes for me, I think I used a ratchet type system

Ok here goes:
the gun used a ratchet that made sure that it only rotated ond 8th of a circle per trigger pull, I will try to build it or annother semi mech soon

Try something like my storm 222.