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How can a sonar/ultrasound pest control unit be DIY? Answered

I've seen ads for pest control units that transmit some sort of signal that drives bugs &rodents; away... friend had one & she didn't even get flies... but not sure which ones really work, and so expensive..... Would love to find a DIY Instructable on this! It would save money, the environment...etc...


Here is a solar powered one for $8. I got a few from this site.


9 years ago

Doesn't they use a speaker emitting a very deep tone? Just figure out how many hz they use and make one yourself.

Save your money. They do not work. I bought some out of desperation, plugged it in, and almost immediately had roaches playing on it. They loved the blasted thing.

There are several university studies that show that ultrasonic devices don't work. Here are just a few of them: Colorado State University Cooperative Extension: Ultrasonic devices have not been proven to control mice. University of Nebraska - Lincoln: Considering Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices? Save Your Money Ohio State University Extension: Ultrasonic pest repellers are not effective in controlling flies and other insects.