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How can i cheaply transmit RS232 data Wirelessly? Answered

I have a device in a go kart that uses a Serial RS232 cable to connect to a computer to relay information about how well it is performing, however now that we know that it works we would like to have the data wirelessly transmitted back to the pit. I am looking for a cheap (less than around $250) way to transmit the data over a range of at least 300 meters. The device says the serial transmits data at 9600bps, with 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit, little-endian format (I dont know what most of that means). I was thinking about using X-Bees but i didnt know if they could just act as a serial cord. Thanks for any help -Dillon


X-bee and a picaxe 08M at each end to send / receive the data would do.

X-bee is existentially a wireless serial interface - Good for 80 to 150 feet or so over open ground but can be improved with a decent aerial (antenna)

You would need to convert the data into a format suitable for transmitting over wireless then convert it back into serial data for the computer to read. Wifi won't cut it since its max range isn't even half of what your looking for. You will need to find some other means of transmitting the data. Such as a 2 way radio. But then you would need a means to convert the signal into an audio signal and back to serial again. Either way when you find a good means of transmission you'll need to convert the signal. Another option may be using an old cell phone.

It may be best to stick with a simple data logger on the go kart and check out the information later.