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How can i connect a bluetooth OBD plug to a raspberry pi ? Answered

Good Night to you guys.

I need some help to do a project, i got a passat b4 i35b its a car without a computerboard. But with my project i can put a computer board
i got a raspberry pi and i want to connect with a plug bluetooth obd( On Board Diagnostics) to i get some readings such like: temperature of the car, outside the car, turbo pressure, Immediate fuel consumption in an hour,water temperature, trouble codes etc.. i allready got, the bluetooth pen for rasp, OBD plug, raspberry pi an the tft (240x320).

Can anybody help me with the code ?


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rickharris (author)2014-11-14


for the blue tooth bit buy a blue tooth USB dongle for the Pi. make sure it is one approved so it will certainly work.

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iceng (author)2014-11-13
BrunoBA (author)iceng2014-11-13

Yes, i got to do a PAP its a final project that i must do and present to a 4 people to evaluate me for that project

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