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How can i convert a USB web cam into a wireless web cam? Answered

I want step -by-step instructions on how can i convert a USB web cam into a wireless Camera.
If at all possible i would like to have maximum wireless range for the web cam.


I am about to try doing this myself using a wireless usb hub.  The only problem is the wireless usb hub is not truly wireless... it still has a power cord which I plan to replace with a battery pack.

Get a wireless-cam. Trying to build the hardware you need is not going to be easier or cheaper than buying something factory-mass-produced.


Realistically it's not...realistic.

There ARE wireless USB extenders, usually used for printers, and sometimes hard drives; but they are expensive. (~230 dollars)

http://www.usbfirewire.com/Parts/rr-47-2022.html  (googled 'wireless usb extender')

I would rather pick up a laptop and just use that over wifi to stream signal where its needed - it doesn't take a powerful machine to do webcam uploads; so a cheap netbook could easily handle the task for the price, and you'd have a laptop to spare.

Another option of course is to get a 900mhz wireless camera and hook up the receiver to the computer as a video capture device.  This also involves purchase of more equipment - but might be just what you need...www.dealextreme.com has lots of cheap cameras.