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How can i fit a 3.5" hard drive in a 5.25" bay? Answered

I want to fit my external hard drive in a 5.25" bay, as USB is too slow and i don't have another 3.5" bay. Things i have: 1. Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB. (the hard drive i want to move) 2. Sweex 3.5" external case, it sucks... 3. An old cd-drive. 4. Basic tools, no soldering iron. 5. an old pc i can steal parts from. Now my question, how do i make sure that thing stays into place, and, is it a problem if it doesn't have some kind of suspension? My pc is a compaq presario from 2008, which has 3 free 5.25" bays. I already looked on google and searched instructables, but can't find anything usefull. Thanks in advance, DJBD


you can mount the drive with a string like here (also reduces noise)

you can mount one side only. a support on the other side (flat panel that is mounted to the drive and touches the top and bottom of the space) is still very recommended

if you have another drive that is usually powered off then you can mount it in the 5 in bay from 1 side without any support on the other

there are brackets or frames that do exactly that (very rare today. were common in 286 - 386's)

I have a my hard dive set up like that in the link, silent with no crunching noise. it's good.

I see alot of these adapter brackets on Ebay.