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How can i get photos with a microscope? Answered

i wish to take quality images from microscope slides


Try this.  Also, it might be a good idea to search through previous instructables before posting a question. It not only saves the time you spend waiting, but it also saves the time of those who would like to answer legitimate questions.

Dude!  Welcome to Instructables, hope you enjoy it!  You learn quickly ;->  Thank you very much for the comment (but now I can't be snarky about it...).

WHat kind of camera?

You can try the hand holding thing but if you make the connection light tight you will have much better luck.

There are adapters for this that are very inexpensive.

You can make adapters using plumbing parts etc. depending on the kind of camera you have.

Check the instructables located under the RELATED sign to the right.