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How can i import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker? Answered

I want to know how to import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker because i want to use decent music in Youtube videos.


Download WinFF. How? You ask? Google it. Then take the mp3 from "My Music" and import it in Windows MM.

I don't use windows as my general OS.. I used to use movie maker though. (before I got serious). You might need to convert the files to .WMV google search for a free converter. Or steal one...

What software do you use for vid editing? Adobe Premier, After Effects, Final Cut (FTW!), Pinacle, Vegas Pro, Vegas Home, or some third party software like Wax? I am personally saving for after effects.

Honestly, apple owns the rights to the song. You just payed 99 cents (or 1.29 now) for the ablility to hear it.


9 years ago

go to ur music folder then find the itunes folder then copy the music (import) it into movie maker