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How can i make a DIY cheat, small tracking device? Answered

I want to make a tracking device that could potentially connect to a smartphone. I don't need it to do that many things. I want the device to understand borders, and when my phone leave that device for a certain (custom) distance. My phone should receive some sort of alert . Most likely i am going to make this device a sticker device, so i want it to be flat, or almost flat, and as thin as possible . I want this device to use very little energy, so i battery could last a very , very long time.  Also i don't want the device to be too costly, ( if possible 5-10 dollar for one )   Also, if i would to add gps feature , what module should i use, and would it increase the size by a lot? Thank you in advance.


Did you ever find an answer? I was looking to make something almost perfectly similar to what you're describing.

It may be easier to set up a boundary and use RFID technology


it's about the only flat type technology your going to be able to manufacture.

Sometimes when you have an idea to make it possible you need to change the parameters. Working out how far away you are is quite difficult, marking a boundary is easier.

What your looking for isn't possible. There are GPS trackers you can buy but they cost a lot of money, tend to be bulky but for a service fee can relay coordinates to through an internet connection. You won't find any kind of tracking device for $5 to $10.

no,,, GPS is not necessary. The main function is to sent me an alert when i am too far from the device. So i pretty much want a device that can calculate my distance between a object and another ... GPS is later , a sub function

Still note something that can be done easy or cheap. One end or the other needs to transmit a signal and when the signal is lost it can send out an alarm. So the device would have to have some sort of transmitter attached to it the is constantly broadcasting thus using power. Then when the device you are caring can't detect the signal it will alert you. Best option may be to use an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver setup and a micro controller. The end result will be something fairly large to be attaching to your phone.

Here is a cheap and simple solution for you. Go to the hardware store and get one of those belt clips with the retractable chain on it and attach the end of the chain to your device. You walk too far away you will be alerted by the device dragging on the ground behind you or it will simple retract automatically when you let go of the device and leave it hanging at your side.

But seriously the simple option would be a device locator system. For about $10 you can get a key finder that gives you an alarm tag to attach to your keys/device and a remote to set off the alam on the tag.


I want make something like the key locator , but I want to do it DIY style . Also because I want to modifie it so it will be like a sticker or a card ... Help me out plz

The key locator is about as small as you can get it. Any DIY solution would end up being much bigger unless you are really good with vary small surface mount soldering. The kind that requires a good stereo microscope to ensure everything is placed and soldered correctly. Sorry but DIY will never match the ability of a manufactured good to be optimally sized.