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How can i make a tesla coil powered from a battery? Answered

I want to make a tesla coil that is powered from a battery and need help figuring out what type of battery to use.


use the battery and a vibrating relay circuit to pulse an ignition coil. Then, use this high voltage to drive a normal tesla coil circuit.

i made one with a car battery but it shorted the battery out, i attached positive to the positive terminal on battery, then BEFORE the negative croc clip touched the negative battery terminal i got a 3 inch spark jumping between them, and when they did connect the tesla went up in smoke, luckily everything survived, i guess this is because the current is travelng back round into the battery. rather than coming out of the battery and exiting from the toplaod.
so i guess it needs some more re designing.

That's a big question in a vague little package. All depends on the energy you want to derive and the duration of runtime. Technically speaking, you can use any type.

Okay it does not need to derive very much energy but I don't want to be limited to operating it in short periods of a a few seconds.

Ok. Well...um, pretty much any type of battery, as long as it provides the amount of energy you need and the voltage necessary to drive the primary stage...Batteries have specifications that cane be downloaded form their respective manufacturers. I'd suggest that you crack open the books and use your requirements to select a battery or battery pack. It really is that easy.

Okay, how do i design the coil to draw as little power as reasonably possible but still have a good output?

I think you should look at some of the "Related" projects shown in the sidebar and listen the Kiteman's advise on that aspect.