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How can i make a wireless detonator? Answered


easy cheasy!! go buy this

then attach a low voltage rated relay, you can use a small cheap relay if you want , if you plan of having the lot destroyed. but if you want to re-use, get a signal relay kit.
anyway, to conect that up, attach any of the 4 outputs to the relays + input, and the receivers ground to the - of the relay, as ground is the universal default - for the receiver, thats why each pin doesnt have its own - pin.

done, now you can use the relay to detonate the smoke bombs.
just so you know, a relay is an electronic switch, it has 5 pins, input +, output -, com, contact +, contact -.
when you apply power to input +, and output -, accordingly, the coil inside the relay will make the pins contact+ and - conect, like a normal switch, the com pin is always conected to contact+ though when the relay is not turned on, this is a technique used alot by terrorsits, meaning that the relay will not switch on unless the relay is turned off.
anyway, treat the contacts of the relay like a switch when turned off, and a single piece of metal when turned on, use this to ignite a rocket igniter (uses a 9v current to make a wire glow red hot to ignite material like gunpowder).

now amazingly, this wireless module and transmitter will work from a distance of 300m!, but will ahve a delay at such a distance of about 2 seconds. hope i helped

pm me if you need more help on ALL the details , im happy to help

We should be grateful that terroristsusers too lazy to search for answers on their own are probably too lazy (or too inept) to actually build something on their own, either. :-P

try using a relay, a remote control car, and a camera tazer capacitor. Disconnect the motor leads and hook them up to the coil pins on a dpdt or spdt relay. so when you press the control button for the motor, it will switch the relay on. connect the capacitor to the relay and take a really thin bare copper wire and lightly coil it around your fuse. connect both ends of the wire back to the relay (dpdt) or one end to the relay and another to the capacitor lead.. check out some of the camera tazer ibles and also check this out. http://kipkay.com/videos/pranks/smokin-rc-truck-prank-giveaway similar thing for the middle part of it..

Visit www.jihad.com. I'm not getting on a gov list for supporting someone I don't know in their pursuit of questionable devices.

i acually made something a little while back that was like a wireless detonator and what you need to do is find an old remote control card with a lot of battories or just a high voltage battory and take it apart and find the wires that are going to the motor and cut them off than attach longer wires than add alligator clips to them and attach the slips to your fuse or use a model rocket fuse thing and just move the thing on the controller and you have a wireless denator.

Throw a match?

Use string instead of wire?

Too much hassle. Yes, but you wouldn't want to do it. L

You may find people here to help you construct terrorist devices, but it's unlikely. You might try contacting ex-IRA folks you know.

For what use?

To detonate some smoke bombs for Airsoft