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How can i make some money fast? Answered

I need to earn about €50, because i want to buy the knex big ball factory.


Start by typing that question into the search box at the upper right corner of this page, and press "go". You'll see many past instances of the same question, and many past answers. The answers haven't changed: if you want money fast, find something that someone needs to have done and is willing to pay you to do, and work your arse off until you've earned as much as you need.

There's no trick. If there was, everyone would already be doing it.

My best bet would be buying a FAULTY iPod classic or mini of eBay. Some faults are easy to fix like the will only power on while on charge or headphones won't work with it.

The battery problem is easy and cheap. I've seen some 120gb iPod classics going for £20 (I think that's like €25). A battery replacement kit is like €5. €30 in total. A iPod classic of about that size hdd goes for approx £80-100. IDK how much euros that is.

That needs a investmant though.

Find some junk, have a sale.

Bake some cup cakes, sell them.

Make some handmade cards, sell them.

Help others learn to make knex guns, for a small price.

That's some ideas.
Good luck.
You'll need it.


Answer 7 years ago

Can't think of any legal ways. When I was a kid, I'd make about 200$ a summer by having a drink stand. A few spigot dispensers on a cart, filled with 3 flavors of Kool-Aid, some lemonade, and some apple juice. Keep them on a thick bed of ice and charge 50 cents. Probably a dollar or a euro today.

pick tomatoes! my dad got 4 euros an hour when he was young... search for a farmer and ask him if he needs more people to pick his tomatoes :) (it's season work but it pays pretty good!)

if you work 8 hours a day you will have 32 euros. so 2 days of work.... convert it to UK pounds and voila :D

lol, i use euro too, and plus, it rains all the time in ireland lol =D