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How can i turn comic book pages into a wallpaper for my room? Answered

Hey guys, i have this spiderman comic that my brother got me for christmas and it happens to be all in french. I cannot read french but still love the comics (hence why he got it for me.)

So i had the idea of turning the pages from the comic book into a wallpaper for my room. The general idea was i would cut each page out of the comic book, stick it to my wall one next to the other and then if possible put some sort of covering over the top to protect the pages. this would mean that bumps and such actions would not harm the wallpaper.

Any ideas on how i should stick these pages on as well as cover them all?

I have been told i could stick them onto card and then paste that onto the wall but still i dont think that would be as easy.?


Cut each individual panel out and attach to foam board(available at Staples)you may also want to leave a 1/2" boarder around your cut out for a cool framed look and for some depth(use  "Scotch Tape Runner" available from Micheals or other craft supply outlet to attach the panels to the board.Once you have cut your panels from the board using and xacto knife and a straight edge, assemble all your panels.You can attach them to the wall with tach putty,
it will adhese well and is not permanent so it wont mess up your walls if you rent. In addition you may want to download Rasterbator which will convert ANY picture into a PDF file which Staples will print for you and put them on the wall using the same  method, never pay for posters again.

 you can also get some decopauge glue from any craft store and give it a couple of layers over the comics, which will make it durable and dries like a layer of clear plastic over the paper. this could also be used to stick the paper to the board.

Use watered down PVA brush it on the wall but wait till its drying out and just tacky then place the pages where you like its easy :-)

I'd stick it to the wall with wallpaper paste, then apply a single coat of spray laquer.

If you're not careful, you'll end up with something on the wall that will need new drywall to "remove", this way, and with a bit of care, you'll be able to very lightly scratch it, to break the waterproof layer, and then soak it off.

 You could also use removable dots, this is a removable adhesive used in the scrap booking crafts. I have used them to mount projects on to foam board. (you may want to save your comic and make colored copies of the pages. You could also make more that way, your using both sides of the page. And the book is safe for your collection. some books are rare and are worth some money.
instead of wallpaper paste you can also use modge podge. supper 77 is good stuff but items your wall will be permanent. (still suggest to make copies of the comic panels.- this would eliminate bleed through and give you all the images to work with.)

If you apply a liquid adhesive, like wallpaper paste, the images from the reverse would show through on the front and wreck the look.

Unfortunately, sizing only works if it is applied before the ink.

Would a Spray on laquer as Frollard mentioned work to be a sealant? would it Reverse? 


8 years ago

My wife has been keeping scrapbooks of the kids achievements for years and she uses a spray adhesive "3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive" because it doesn't bleed through or cause newsprint to become transparent. None of the print on the backside of the newspaper clippings shows through.

Count the pages and measure the wall to make sure you have enough pages to fill the area you want.  You don't want to get started then run out of pages do you?

The easiest method would be to glue the pages on the wall being very careful to line them up.  I would use one of the "wax" stick glues like you can get at the craft store.  They stick pretty well but don't cause the ink to bleed thru.

A better way would be to scan in all the pages and then print the out on better quality paper.  Then you can use wall paper paste to glue them to the wall.  More work to do this way but will come out much better.  You can make all the sheets you need and print extras of your favorite pages.  And you get to keep your book.

The way I would do it if would be to scan all the sheets in and put them together in graphics that are 36" wide and however tall my wall is and print them on a Cad plotter on photo paper.  Then use that like regular wallpaper.  But that's cause I've got a plotter and it would only be the cost of the paper and ink.  You might check to see what Kinkos or Staples would charge you to print them for you.

Either way good luck.

Liquid glues would not work - they would stick the pages to the wall quite solidly, but the image on the reverse would show through.

If you want to use the actual comic pages, you need sticky stuff (pads, double-sided tape, blu tac) in the corners.

However, I would take a different approach.

Pick your favourite page (maybe the cover), and scan it or photograph it at the highest resolution you can.

Then use the image to make a rasterbated image as large as you need.

The simplest solution - although not really all that waterproof would be to mod podge it down - your local craft store will have it - basically a type of tacky white glue used to goop down paper to other surfaces; like paper mache.

Another option, is to glue the sheets to the wall, then cover with a laquer - polyurethane, etc...I don't know if it would cause the pages to discolour or bleed though - best idea is to check first :D