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How can i use a dial up modem to alow my phone to call threw land line using my pc? Answered

Hi i have a windows mobile phone and i realy want to get it to phone threw my land lines rather than using a call network. this is what i have 1X windows mobile 5.0 phone 1X vista ultimate computer 1X dial up modem 2X bluetooth usb adapters 1X land line internet please help

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lemonieBest Answer (author)2009-05-17

VoIP e.g. Skype (as theRIAA).

You could search the internet for "VoIP" if no one gives you exactly what you're after here.


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theRIAA (author)2009-05-17

skype? it's like $50 a year or something for a landline phone number and unlimited calling.

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