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How can i win 1st prize contest? (Is it a luck?) Answered

What can i do something to win a contest? Do i need to do something really hard like something looking great?
Can somebody tell a know how?

And i'm living in another country (not in america) but can i get a prize?




3 years ago

Make a project that is simple, elegant and profound.

Document it completely, have good pictures and don't skip steps. Make it coherent.

There is a list of countries that are eligible with every contest. it varies a lot. You need to read the official contest rules in the info tab.

Thank you for the answer. I'm from korea but i'm living in Iran but can i get a prize casue there wasn't a country in the info

I believe that Iran is still under sanctions. As such it is highly unlikely that they would be on the list of approved countries for a contest. About the only thing you could do is use an address of someone else in an approved country (a good friend or relative) and then either have them hold it for you or try and ship it to you. But I am pretty sure Instructables would be forbidden from shipping to Iran.