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How can one improve a ceiling fan creativily?And it should at the same time work as a fan. Answered

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I was going to say the same thing. How about painting the blades different colors? When turned on fast would blend and make a different color.

Black and White turned fast enough will look like colour...

Okay, I admit that I can still learn something. I'm going to do the experiment this weekend with my 11 year old niece and see what we see.

Awww.....that's really nice! All the 'experiments' and stuff I've done with kids have all been fun! I hope you have a great time with this one - tea and cakes all round!

"Subjective color" requires specific frequencies, since it depends on the eye having different latencies in different color ranges. I don't think you could create the necessary effect with fan blade. But I'd love to be wrong. If the fan doesn't already have a light fixture, that's an opportunity. Some can be fitted with any reasonably-lightweight fixture if you're willing to splice rather than just plug in, since they attach the lamp via a standard threaded nipple. Others require pieces available only from that manufacturer, but you could still do interesting things with replacing the lampshades... or, again, disassemble and rewire something more interesting into them.


8 years ago

I made my niece's fan into a flower. I painted the leaves on the ceiling above the fan and spray painted the body of the fan green then painted the blades to look like petals. She loved it.