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How can this be allowed?!?!? Answered

How can this Instructable be allowed? " DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke)
by frenzy" is not only dangerous but, think about all the kids that would want to try this....  Is this RESPONSIBLE?


Would you also advocate the removal of books from libraries because they contain descriptions of activities that children might replicate?

Children were tattooing themselves with pins and ink for decades, maybe centuries, before the invention of the internet.

In the years of my teaching career that pre-date easy web access, I had to deal with children who had tattooed themselves, branded themselves, scarified themselves, even cryo-branded themselves.

The responsibility here lies squarely with the parents, who should be monitoring their children's activities, and educating them about risk and hazard.

I'd advocate the removal of crap books that do things badly. Wouldn't you? They take up valuable shelf space and clutter things up when you try to find the good stuff.

Yes, Instructables is the go to reference for all the Darwin Award contenders looking for a leg up.

Seriously, there have been many discussions before on the topic of "questionable" content of ibles and the liability of such. It boils down to this, kids should be supervised by responsible parents when on the site and if old enough to have their own user account, abide by the terms of service. It's just presentation of information which is protected under free speech. So, it can be called art or an abomination of the hipsters trying to emulate prison culture. And for the viewcounts, it's good for business.

I am one billion percent in favor of this comment.

As a pedantic aside, I'd like to note, however, that the right to "free speech under the First Amendment" ONLY means that the government does not have the right to abridge or infringe on free speech. Censorship of 'ibles by 'ibles, while dumb for a host of other reasons, would not infringe anybody's right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution (nor, for that matter, does disagreeing with someone, or trying to shout them down).

This is definitely not something that we should see on Instructables. It's not about like/hate tattoo's or even the accuracy of information in regards to infection/allergies but It is just not what we expect from this site and FEATURED too. Very disappointed.

Kids will make mistakes and as parents its our responsibility to educate the young folk and let them know that there is consequences with marking up your body with homemade ink, or professional ink in public locations.

You can show your kids, (or the kids in your life) and say hey you see that grey blob on that mans arm? That was a home made tattoo and look how it faded and smeared.

Or, how do you think that "Latin Kings" Crown on that mans hand would affect his ability to get a job?

If you hide the material, it just makes it more secretive and seductive towards the youngsters. (example the Jolly Rogers Cookbook). Plus by having it here you can educate, parents, and adults who work with youth on any trends that might be popping up.

No more or less responsible than knife-making, welding, grilling, backpacking, or any other potentially dangerous project that someone might share on Instructables. The kids on Instructables are pretty smart, and the author of that project (disclosure: a former QA engineer for Instructables) did a pretty good job of explaining the risks and safety considerations in a DIY tattoo.