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How can we Scan a wall Answered

Is there a way we can scan a complete portion of wall vertically using lasers or any other device?


thanks for responding guys :)
actually its not a wall...its a white board..i want to make a sensor which senses if there is anything on the board and then cleans it.....
a high degree of accuracy is not needed* :)

Wouldn't it be easier to clean it periodically no matter whether there is anything on it or not?
Anyway, I think the combination of a webcam and image recognition software is a possible solution.

So you need a web cam with some image recognition software?

Why didn't you ask the question "i want to make a sensor which senses if there is anything on a white board and then cleans it"?

-Can't you see that it needs cleaning and do it yourself?


Over what distance? To what accuracy? From what range? And just out of interest, why?

Oh, I hope they're building a rock-climbing robot!

I wonder, would this be an appropriate use of 123D Catch?

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take a digital picture of it and compare it with a reference photo to see if there are any changes. You might have to take an IR lit image or have good enough lighting conditions to sense a difference. There should be software out there to compare images and distinguish shapes. Technique is used in those instructables for the projection or widescreen touch mouse.