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How can we make a Milling Cutter Bit as thin as a pin (at home)? Answered

How can we make a Milling Cutter Bit as thin as a pin (at home)


Some of the surplus dental cutter sets get pretty small. No idea whether they'd be small enough for your application, since you haven't told us what the actual application is.

Yes, dental cutters can be very tiny, I'll try.I'm trying to cut plastic wheels from a plastic sheet for a toy car project.

A heated wire, similar to a styrofoam cutter? Perhaps a bandsaw type apparatus?


6 years ago

After some advice here, I was able to find a milling cutter 'nearly' as thin as a pin.Sorry for the photo quality.It cuts plastic sheets well but unfortunately melts the plastic and the plastic sticks to the cutter.I think a cooler directed to the mill can solve the problem.

You really can't. It's easy enough to purchase miniature end mills, although admittedly not cheap. I used to have a grouping from 100mil down to 0.008 that I used to mill PCBs. The small ones (~30mil and smaller) break very easily, so your passes should be very slow and very shallow. Calculations for spindle speed, cut depth and translation speed are readily available via a google search.

You're right.I found one cutter in a second hand shop.It's nearly as thin as a pin.And it costed me less than one Dollar.Thanks everyone for advice.

I agree with Jayefuu, its the kind of thing we'd do at work, but it would have to be VERY short to work.

You can buy 0.005" ball ended mills, but they are not designed for anykind of deep work, and you need a 100K spindle speed to run them.

You probably couldn't.

What are you trying to do?

I sometimes need to cut plastic sheets, etc.I want to make gears ot of plastic sheet.I also have some other projects.Something like that would be great but I know it's hard to make.Any pactical substitude idea would be great.