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How can you become famous when you dont even live close to Los Angelas, Hollywood, New York,etc? Answered

Im an inspiring singer actress dancer etc. I will take anything that will take me to the big time.  I love to sing and act the most, but I will take anything that comes my way.  My parents don't really support me in what I like to do.  They say to do stuff local first and I have been doing a couple things but they won't take me to an audition in like Columbus, Ohio or Fort Wayne, Indiana.  People have been telling me you will never make it to the top you're not good enough.  I would like to prove them wrong.  I would like to become famous before i get in to high school so I have like 2-3 years yet to go. I would like to inspire people to follow their dreams but it is really hard to inspire people when nothing has got me anywhere yet. I am thinking about becoming famous from my house and send videos to directors, but I don't think they will have enough time to watch the videos I would send in. I need as much help as I can get. Thank You So Much!  


The first thing you should do is concentrate on convincing your parents to help you. At your age, there is not much you can do without their consent and support, including accepting a job if you were offered one.
You need to concentrate on getting experience and training, instead of getting famous. With training and experience come skills, skills will get you work, work will get you exposure, and exposure might get you famous. Exposure will also improve your odds of getting an agent, which is very valuable for young actors. Unfortunately, unless your parents are behind you, you won't get any work, training or an agency because no one is going to cast you if you don't at least have reliable transportation to rehearsals, training costs money, and your parents would have to sign any contract with an agency.
Convince your parents that you're serious by taking every opportunity to perform that you can: school plays, choir (either school or church), maybe an after-school program if you can arrange it, or whatever else you can think of to get onstage.
You are absolutely correct that sending unsolicited videos to directors won't accomplish anything. Sending videos to casting agents won't work either. Get your parents on your side, and things will get a whole lot easier.

If you want to be big, you have to start small.  Firstly, make sure your act or talent that you want to make you famous doesn't suck and is something that will make people WANT to watch. 

You can start out by recording performances and posting them on Youtube.  That's how Justin Beiber got noticed by a record label.  You can do entertainment work in shops or bars or whatever for a little bit of extra cash.  

If you keep it up you should eventually get noticed by someone who has the power to make you famous.  One last tip: Ignore the odds.  Go look at people who have become famous and came from literally nothing, for example, Bill Gates.

Thanks a lot that really helps me!I have been practicing how to become a hip-hop dancer and I'm pretty good at it I just need to work on my singing, but thats not that bad either!!!!!!!!!!So thank you for your advice!

Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Deviantart, Flickr, Instructables, soliciting various big blogs relating to your fields of interest(singing acting dancing etc.) with posts from those sites, entering contests(have video/photos from events to post to those sites). If you do that long enough and hard enough, some valuable people will notice. Once in contact, WORK THOSE PEOPLE because they are the key to your ultimate success.
"I would like to become famous before i get in to high school"
I'm sorry, but that is an incredibly hard thing to do, and besides, the vast majority of child entertainers don't end up in very good places. Right now I'd recommend that you lay low(sort of, you should still put out material) and hone your skills and focus until you're in 11th-12th grade and then really go for it.
"but I don't think they will have enough time to watch the videos I would send in."
That is the attitude thats gets people nowhere, be positive. Talent seekers actually review pretty much everything.

A note on videos and photos, use the same people who have an interest in those areas to help you, because if they like what they do, they will be better at it and continue to get better as time goes on. If you achieve success, bring them along for the ride.


8 years ago

YouTube is a good idea.  What about America's Got Talent?  Go audition the next time it's on.  Great exposure.

And you'll meet lot's of new people.

There is another way to go about becoming famous, with or without your parents help.
Produce some videos of your singing and acting abilities on youtube.  Also, join some youth blogs and encourage them through those channels, all the while promoting your videos on youtube.  Always provide new content on youtube...keep something fresh on there to show how you are progressing your talents.
By branching out socially online, you are self-promoting.  Trust me, there are a lot of producers and talent scouts surfing youtube daily for the next big thing, and if you couple that with blogging and maybe twittering, not only are you drawing more attention to your talents, but in the meantime you would be helping others and leading others in inspirational ways. 
Just a sidenote:  To be a great leader do not focus as much on yourself, but in making others better than they thought they could be.  I know nothing about your talents or abilities, but just for the sake of argument let's say you have mediocre ability, but you do the things I've mentioned and discover someone of higher abilities/talents but they have lower self-esteem or lack confidence and you teach them how to improve themselves...not only will you have a friend for life, but their success reflects back on you, and only good things can come about from that!
I hope this helps!

Why don't you try uploading videos of you singing to the internet? The more exposure you create for yourself the more chances of being spotted by a talent scout. The internet is a great medium to advertise yourself. I wish you the best for you.