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How can you live in a world full of lies? Answered

How can we?????


Your question needs to be taken apart first. First off, it's equally valid to say that the world if full of truths, it has as much meaning as a world full of lies. Also, it should be remarked how the question is "How can you live in a world full of lies?" instead of "How can I live in a world full of lies?"

Perhaps you do not understand why people lie to you or perhaps you have trouble understanding why you find yourself lying as well sometimes. There are a few things that may help you there:
- Understand that individual knowledge can be very limited. Most people simply don't know that what they believe and say is false. Don't attribute to malice what can attributed to stupidity.
- People tend to protect themselves. Being truthful often feels vulnerable to them. Think of how some people abuse the insecurities and secrets of others, this eventually causes people to start lying to them. If people lie to you a lot, it may be because you are too judgmental or too indiscreet!
- Lies beget lies. In the same way you can get people to be more honest by being honest yourself.

Lies in general are part of the "human condition". It's not something to be particularly sad or angry about, it is what it is. Trying to understand this particular mechanism is a good first step towards acceptance of who we are though. So your question, while perhaps not phrased in the best way, is a good start.

Everyone lies how do you live with it? You just do. The strong live with corpution and wear a smile the weak give up and decide not to live.

By having within myself things which are not lies. By sharing these things. My glass is half full, and it's a pretty good glass.

Try focusing on your own good character rather than the weaknesses of others. Use the dissapointments and trials of life to stregthen and build yourself up rather than letting it get to you. Be honest. Do what you say, when you say you will do it. Treat others with respect even if you feel they dont deserve it. Give generously without expectation of return. Do everything in moderation except Love. That cannot be over done but is the hardest thing to do sometimes. That may sound corny but it gets me through.

Cause the only other option* is worse?

*Not living. I've considered that option frequently, you can see what I've chosen.

By focusing on how often people tell the truth (or at least attempt to tell the truth). Would you really even care about lies if there weren't a powerful amount of truth out there? Similarly, you may be upset at the number of car wrecks. You certainly want to reduce their numbers. But just for a moment as you get out of the car, take some time to deeply appreciate the fact that you are still alive and unharmed. Focusing on good things that didn't happen and bad things that did is easy. Focusing on bad things that didn't happen and good things that did is harder, but very much worthwhile.

By fighting injustice!!! to cover my plans for world domination.

One day at a time...